The celebration of the 800th anniversary of the city of Opole’s establishment is an opportunity to present one of the oldest Polish cities, its rich history, multiculturalism, including in the Polish, Czech, Austrian, German and Jewish culture. The name of the city refers to one of the first tribal community on the Polish lands. For centuries, Opole has been inextricably linked with Odra. This is this river that has decided the residents’ lives for centuries. Finding one of the three oldest Pre-Slavic settlements, the so-called “Gród na Ostrówku” [Burgh in Ostrówek], is a very interesting historical subject.

During the archaeological research of the settlement, an original musical instrument was found – a fiddle (“gęśle”). In place of the excavation, there is the Millennium Amphitheatre, in which the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole has taken place for over 50 years. Therefore, it can be concluded that the Opole’s Ostrówek, along with the amphitheatre, is a special place for the Polish music. Another historic landmark is the Piast Tower, a witness of past events and one of the oldest historical monuments of Opole.

The city of Opole survived many invasions, wars, floods, fires, political and religious changes and yet it continues to grow and has excellent prospects. What is the phenomenon of this city that enchants visitors and do not always satisfy the residents? Opole is said to be a city full of green and to be compact city, where everything is close. Original cultural and artistic events are the hallmark of the city. Sports and recreation are a rich potential of Opole. Good level of education, health care, innovation, extensive cooperation with higher education institutions and investors are the strengths of the city. High quality of life puts Opole at the forefront in independent rankings. All these facts show the sustainable development of Opole, openness and hard work of its residents. Opole is a great energy to work, creation, knowledge acquisition, meeting the culture and art as well as development. This city is good to live in.